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Forex Managed Account — Does It Make Money

If you want a hands free way to make money from Forex trading, a Forex managed account can seem like a great opportunity. Forex trading can be very lucrative but it can also be very risky and it takes time to learn your way around. With Managed Forex account you have someone else to trade for you to save your time and reducing risk because your account will be handled by a skilled trader. But is it really that simple or is there a risk. There are two types of Forex managed account. It is important to choose the one that is right for you.
1. Standard Forex Managed Accounts
In a standard account you retain control of your funds and trader from company has only access to trade. You can monitor the progress and withdraw funds whenever you want.
2. Pooled Forex Managed Accounts.
The second type of Forex managed account pools your money with funds from other investors. There is likely to be a lower minimum investment with this type of account because they can centralize the funds and split the cost between all investors. You cannot gain access to the account yourself.
So you should always do your due diligence. Make sure that the company is a member of regulatory body.

GBP/USD — Daily Forecast Technical Analysis — November 20th 2014

Hantec Markets brings you the latest technical analysis on the GBP/USD pair for the November 20th in this video.
GBP/USD — We had a small rally yesterday on cable and theoretically that has completed a bullish reversal. That is not looking so significant however we like to follow this bullish reversal signal. At the moment we are flat and the reason we are flat is that UK Retail Sales came out better than expected. There is a lot of US data coming out this afternoon and that could certainly have an impact on cable and that could drag it lower. But I think that this is nothing more than another chance to sell. The outlook in cable remains deeply bearish. The Momentum indicators in daily chart slightly picked up but nothing major. Looking at the hourly chart we had this spike up after the Bank of Meeting Minutes but it lost momentum and went flat. The resistance comes at 1.5680 and also we have got resistance at 1.5736 but we are going to see loss of momentum and further downside. I don’t really see any major price movement to the upside in cable and there is going to be further weakness.

AUD/CHF — Daily Forecast Technical Analysis — November 20th 2014

In this video the Trader Guy looks at currency pair AUD/CHF pair for the November 20th session.
AUD/CHF — This is a pair that lot of people are now paying attention to. The reason I am paying attention to this particular chart is that we obviously have something going on here at the 0.8200 level. I believe that the market will try to find support here, perhaps bounce back in to this consolidation area upto 0.8500 level. Further interesting thing about this pair is the stochastics and it looks like it is going to reach the 20 level. With a cross over buy signal from stochastics and a supportive candle in daily chart, I think there could be a buying opportunity here for short term trade for couple of days. But I remember this is a risk on type of trade, the Aussie will go higher than the Swiss. With times are good the Stock market will go higher and it is very likely that we will see a continued move into this top of the consolidation area. Be a little bit careful but this could be a nice setup for essentially the rest of the week, maybe even into early next week.

EUR/USD — Daily Forecast Technical Analysis — November 20th 2014

In this video the Trader Guy looks at currency pair EUR/USD pair for the November 20th session.
EUR/USD — As you can see on the daily chart we tried to rally during the course of trading session on Wednesday, but yet again at the 1.26 level we fell below and ended up forming a perfect shooting star candlestick on the daily chart. Because of this I am very bearish of this pair yet again. Even if we get below the 1.25 level we will continue with the downtrend. Far too many things working against this pair we cannot consider buying this pair. For me market has been bearish and I look for selling rallies on signs of weakness. Thats the trade setup exactly what we have now. So why not start again. I believe that the market is going to the 1.2050 level. I think short term traders are going to come in and punish the Euro again. With that being said I believe that this is one of the best markets right now to be involved in. We expect some choppiness though and hence look at short term charts like 1 hour chart and pick up 20 to 30 pips in each trade which is my trading strategy at this point of time.

Currency Trading Chart Types And Uses

The currency trading chart is one of the most important tools for the Forex trader. Charts are the basics of technical analysis which forms trading systems based on studying price movements rather than economic indicators which are the basics of Fundamental analysis. Most traders these days prefer technical analysis which does not require any special knowledge. Any currency trading chart will show price movements. You can look at last few minutes, hours or days of price movements along with technical indicators will provide emerging tendencies and trends that can signal a trading opportunituy.
Forex charts come in 3 formats.
1. Line chart
THese are joined with a line to show the direction of movement however line chart do not give much information other than closing price.
2. Bar chart
A Bar chart gives you 4 prices for each period, open, high, low and close price. This chart is slightly better than the line chart that it gives you the picture of price fluctuations and volatility over a period of time.
3. Candlestick chart
If shown in black and white you will see black for a falling price and white for a rising price. The colors give you an instant view of whether prices rose or fell during the period. This makes candlestick chart quicker to glance through than a bar chart. You can easily identify trends and trend reversals and hence many traders prefer candlestick charts than the other two types of charts.

Learn Forex Trading — Pivot Points

Pivot point is a technical indicator that helps you determine potential support and resistance levels. Unlike Fibonacci it uses set calculations of previous days high, low and close price to plot these levels. So they are much more objective. This indicator is especially useful for day traders. One of the ways of using Pivot points is to enter market direction of the breakout. As the price breaks R1, we can buy the market and set price target at next resistance lines. So R2 and R3 would be the price targets. Traders often use Candlestick analysis to trade reversals at pivot points. For example if price forms a bullish engulfing signal at S1 level then we can buy the market with targets at Pivot level and R1.

GBP/USD — Daily Forecast Technical Analysis — November 19th 2014

Hantec Markets brings you the latest technical analysis on the EUR/USD pair for the November 19th in this video.
GBP/USD — The Euro is trading sideways and Cable is falling away ever since the dovish Bank of England quarerly Inflation report. The Cable pressure has been under pressure consistently falling away. The Momentum indicators look bearish and there is nothing going in favour of cable and further weakness is expected. Looking at the hourly chart after the Inflation report we have been falling and we had a minor rebound and fell again. We are testing the lows at 1.5591. We have Bank of England Meeting Minutes coming out and chances are that is going to come out dovish again. That could put pressure on cable once more. If it comes out less dovish than expected that might produce a bit of rally. But I will use rally as a chance to sell. Cable looks very bearish across the board. If that 1.5591 level is broken that would reopen lows that we have not seen since August, towards 1.5426. There is further scope for downside and cable looks increbibly bearish and any sort of rebound is seen as a chance to sell.

EUR/USD — Daily Forecast Technical Analysis — November 19th 2014

In this video the Trader Guy looks at currency pair EUR/USD pair for the November 17th session.
EUR/USD — Today’s trading session should be an interesting one because we have Federal Open Market Committee Meeting Minutes coming now and that ofcourse can get a little bit of expectations clarity for Central banks as for few years the Federal Reserve has not been very clear. So it is probability going to cause lots of volatility. So I anticipate the US Dollar is the place to be during the session. When I look at this chart, this to me looks like we are going to do the same thing again. We are going to pullback a little bit and drop off the 1.25 level. I am looking for resistance candles and quite frankly I would look to the 4 hour or even the 1 hour for potential selling opportunities. The 1.25 level has been becoming less important now as we sliced through it. So it is only really a matter of time before we continue to move down. If you have not seen any of the videos recently, you know the return trip is something I am expecting towards 1.2050 level. I do have to admit that the 1.25 level has started looking supportive. I think this is going to be real fight. Eventually I think the longer term downtrend will continue and I also think that the shorter term charts will be the way to go picking profits shorting the Euro.

Learn Forex Trading — Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

Ichimoku is a momentum indicator that determines trend direction, define support and resistance and provide trade entry signals. It consists of 4 main components — Tenkan sen, Kijun sen, Chikou span and Kumo cloud. We look for line crossover to find entry signals. For long entry we look for Tenkan sen to cross above Kijun sen line and for short entry we look for Tenkan sen to cross below Kijun sen ine. We look for long entry only when price trade above kumo cloud and short entry when price below kumo cloud. We ignore entry signals when price is inside the cloud. It means the price is in range. The Chikou span is the copy of the price action plotted in certain number of periods behind price. The default period is 26. This indicator can help you to find long lasting and strong trends and ride them till the end. I recommend you to use this indicator on EUR/USD pair on a daily chart to realise how amazing this indicator is.

Daily Fundamental Update — November 18th 2014

ADS Securities brings you the latest Daily Fundamental Update for the November 13th in this video.
Beginning with Japan, the economy has sliced back into triple dip recession despite the fact that economist estimates were quite positive to show an annual growth of 2.2%. The recession in Japan is not surprising as ADS Securities warned about it back in April. As a result there are rumours of snap elections in Japan on December 14. As for the Asian session today the RBA Meeting Minutes came unchanged and RBA reiterated that AUD is higher according to fundamentals.
Looking at European session today we will be focusing on economic figures from UK, Germany and Eurozone which is likely to have noteable impact on the market. UK’s CPI set to remain stable at 1.2% in October. UK’s Core CPI may rise to 1.5% in October. UK’s House Price Index may rise to 12.1% in September. German ZEW Economic Sentiment may rise to 0.9 in November. Eurozone ZEW Economic Sentiment may rise to 4.3 in November.
Looking at US session today, US PPI set to decline by -0.1% in October. US Core PPI may rise by 0.2% in October. US NAHB Housing Market Index may rise to 55 in November.

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